Whole Body Warm-Up / Joint Mobilisations

Simple Tai Chi Routine

For those with a sedentary job or who haven’t exercised for a while this simple Tai Chi routine is a great way to get the whole body moving.  Don’t think that just because these exercises are simple that they aren’t effective.  For most people doing this Tai Chi routine several times a week is enough to keep the body moving and out of pain.


Warm-up Routine for Active People

This exercise routine can be used as warm up routine before exercise or as a standalone joint mobilisation routine when done just by itself.  It is a more demanding routine so don’t perform this if you are in any pain and stop immediately if you feel any pain during the routine.

More advanced whole body functional movements

These exercises are focused on fundamental everyday movements that we should all be able to do.  However, sometimes due to our lifestyles, such as long periods sitting at a desk, we lose the ability to perform these basic movements and this in turn can increase the stress and strain on the back when performing simple everyday tasks.  Because these exercises are more advanced, don’t do this exercise until you have been at least pain free for two weeks and stop immediately if you get any pain during the exercise.


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